Inverter offline on the SEMS PORTAL while the inverter's wifi has connected with the router.

Inverter offline on the SEMS PORTAL while the inverter's wifi has connected with the router.

1:check the WIFI indication LED light,if the light is solid on,please check the following:
  1.1:Does the router has get a fluent connection with the internet,use the laptop to open a webpage with browser after connecting with the wifi router to see if the internet is avaliable.Restart the router if necessary.

  1.2:Does the router has got the settings of MAC address filer setting,please login to the router's management page to check by entering the username and password of the router.

  1.3:Perform the wifi reset and reload function of the wifi module and perform the wifi configuration by following the wifi connection guide again.Then check the inverter on SEMS,if the inverter can get back on line or not.

  1.4:Contact with GoodWe if the problem exists after the solution above are all performed.

2:If the WIFI indication LED is blinking 4 times at a time,means the inverter's wifi has been connected with the router,but the router has not connected with the internet yet.Please check the router and make sure the router has connect with the internet.
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