After configuration, the yellow led blinks twice regularly within 1.6 sec.

After configuration, the yellow led blinks twice regularly within 1.6 sec.

1. Restart inverter;

2. Connect to Solar-WiFi and login again, check the 'SD', 'Security Mode', 'Encryption Type' and 'Pass Phrase' is matching with that ofWi-Fi router or not;

3. Connect to Wi-FI router and login to check if the connection reaches the maximum amount or not, and to check the channel of it uses.Please make sure the channel is not bigger than 13. Otherwise, modify it;

4. Restart Wi-Fi router ;

5. Move Wi-Fi router closer to inverter or use a Wi-Fi repeater device.

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    • After configuration, the yellow led blinks four times regularly within 1.6 sec.

      1.Connect to the Wi-Fi router and visit the portal. Check the portal is available or not; 2.Restart Wi-Fi router and inverter.
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      Via APP Preparation a. Power Wi-F¡ inverter on; b. If you are configuring Wi-Fi inverter, make sure the yellow led on front cover is blinking; c. Power Wi-F¡ router on; d. Search for the keyword "SEMS Portal" from Google Play Store or Apple App ...
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      Via Browser Preparation Power on the inverter. Make sure the router is turned on. Switch on the WLAN of laptop.   1.     Look for the WiFi signal “Solar-WiFi*”(*means the last 8 characters of the inverter SN) in WLAN center and connect it. Password: ...
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      1.     Once create the plant, click the WiFi set up button on App and click Next.         2.     Go back to mobile wifi setting and connect with inverter's Solar WiFi (password: 12345678), go back to SEMS APP after the Solar WiFi is successful ...
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      1:check the WIFI indication LED light,if the light is solid on,please check the following:   1.1:Does the router has get a fluent connection with the internet,use the laptop to open a webpage with browser after connecting with the wifi router to see ...